Wheelworx Alloy Wheel Reconditioning in Clacton

Bringing Damaged Alloy Wheels Back to Life

We’ve been restoring tired alloy wheels in Clacton and surrounding areas for over 10 years using the latest tools and technology. Whether your alloys are covered in scratches, scraped from some curb rash, looking oxidised, or just faded and dull, we can overhaul them.

Restoring Your Alloy Wheels at Wheelworx

If your car’s alloy wheels look dull, scratched or damaged, our refurbishment process can restore them to immaculate condition. Here’s a look at what you can expect when you bring your wheels into our Clacton shop:

1. Cleaning and Inspection

First, we thoroughly clean your alloy wheels to remove all dirt, dust and debris. This allows us to then closely inspect your alloys and identify any scratches, cracks, curb rash or other defects. We will provide a detailed recommendation on the repairs needed.

2. Expert Repairs

Our technicians use specialised tools and techniques to repair any imperfections discovered during inspection. From smoothing out minor scratches to fixing extensive curb rash damage, we have the skill to make your alloys flawless again.

3. Colour Matching and Protection

We take care to match the original paint or powder coat exactly, using premium finishes. This is followed by sealing and protection to guard the refurbished alloys against road damage and everyday wear and tear.

4. Safety and Balance Checks

The final step involves checking wheel integrity and balancing them to manufacturer specifications for optimal handling and ride quality. You can drive away confident knowing that your alloy wheels not only look amazing but also meet strict safety standards.

About Wheelworx

At Wheelworx, we are the premier alloy wheel reconditioning specialists in Clacton and its surrounding areas.

With over 10 years of experience refurbishing alloy wheels plus advanced training, our technicians are true specialists. We only use industry-leading paints, coatings and equipment too. The end result is stunning alloy wheels that enhance your car’s aesthetic appeal while boosting its value.

Contact us anytime for obligation-free quotes and to book an inspection. Our specialised alloy reconditioning services will bring your damaged wheels back to life.