Spring Clean Your Car

Fun fact: Did you know that men are twice as likely as women to have messy car interiors? Yeah, most people are surprised by that fact, but it’s true! There’s nothing worse than opening the car door and having a sea of takeout boxes, magazines and empty water bottles slide all over your feet, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We’re almost into 2019, which means that there is a period of renewal and rejuvenation ahead, and if your car is in dire need of a spring clean, then you’re in dire need of this article! It’s a chance now to wipe the proverbial slate clean, so it’s time to hold your nose, take a breath and dive right in to a future of car cleanliness that you didn’t know you could have.

Start With The Exterior

Your car is viewed by the outside world every single day. You need to give it a proper clean if you want it to be presentable and easy on the eye. Here’s how to do your exterior.

  • Work your way from the ground up by scrubbing out the tires first. Use a proper tire-cleaning spray and a brush with hard bristles to get into the grooves properly.
  • Wash the body of the car using a car wash product. You could also use the ‘two bucket’ method, where you use clean soapy water in one bucket and one for dirty rinse. This can help you to get into the nitty gritty of the car without extending the job at hand.
  • Use a hose to clear the underbody of the car, washing debris and oil from the underside of the car.
  • Try not to leave the car to drip dry; not if you want to avoid streaks down your car. Use a microfiber towel and make sure that it’s clean when you do.

Once you’ve done all of these jobs, you can move onto the next big job.

The Interior.

The inside of the car needs to be cleaned properly for the comfort of your guests as well as your own. You need to have a clear interior to be able to enjoy the drive a little better.

  • Get rid of ll of the earlier takeout boxes and empty water bottles. You can also get rid of the old receipts, empty coffee cups and any food wrappers that have made their way to the footwell of the car. This is a good time to put empty trash bags in the car glove compartment; just for the future.
  • Use mild cleaning sprays and a clean cloth on the dashboard, the console and any other hard surface of the interior of the car.
  • Use a vacuum to clean the seats, rugs, boot and floor mats, as well as underneath the mats.
  • Don’t clean leather upholstery without the right materials; get the proper cleaning materials – it’s a comfort investment!

Your car is now perfectly clean, so let’s keep it that way!

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