How To Repair A Scratch On Your Car

It doesn’t matter what type of car you have, even the smallest of scratches can be an annoyance. Not only that, they can be incredibly costly to fix if you don’t have the budget for an emergency scratch repair. A scratch isn’t something that you can avoid when you have a car, because no matter how you treat your car, something in the world is going to touch it, which means that you could find a scratch somewhere. Overgrown bushes at the side of the road, the gravel that gets flashed up when you’re driving and even careless drivers who are reversing out of tight spaces; all of these things can cause a scratch on your car. And you need to know how to fix it yourself if you want to avoid fees.

The paintwork of your car is like a protective skin across the surface. It’s waterproof and it stops the metal of the car being exposed to the air and water – both of which can make it rust. Even the smallest of scratches can affect the look of the car as well as the value! So, how can you get it fixed?

Depth. Before you can decide whether you can fix a scratch on your car yourself, you need to assess the depth of the scratch. The length of a scratch is one thing, but the depth really does tell whether more damage has been done to the body work. If the scratch is deep, more work will need to be done and you may need to call in the professionals to do it.

Repair. The equipment you need to repair a scratch depends on the depth of it, and you should check the scratch for signs of rust before you start. Minor scratches need a scratch-removing liquid to remove the top layer of paint and polish out the scratch. You can use paint to touch up the scratch if it’s not too deep, which makes for an easy fix.

Clean. You can’t repair a scratch without a spotlessly clean area to work on, especially as dust and dirt can be rubbed in if you try to cover it up.

Cutting Compound. Using a cutting compound is not the same as applying a wax. Use a clean cloth to apply the fluid, then make circular motions until the scratch is gone. The deeper the scratch goes, the longer it may take to fix.

Touch Up Pens. These types of pens can be effective and don’t cost very much. They can polish out the scratch as well as blend it in with the rest of the surrounding paint. It’s very important to follow any instructions on any products that you ue, and you want to do less harm and more good for your car.

Try not to fix a car scratch in the rain or when the weather is particularly extreme, as you don’t want to compromise the quality of the finish you want.

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